Essay writing may seem an easy academic writing task due to its being a small piece of writing, but the essay topic selection is always an interesting and a cautiously done task, so you may not take it lightly at all. There are some essay topics which will help you.

•    The negative impact of using computer for longer seasons on our body and health

•    The rights of choice of the people who give money to Social Security

•    The usage of performance-enhancing drugs should not be banned for the extremely physical


•    The allowance to carry a personal weapon for the criminally clear and fair citizens

•    How to deal with the menace of domestic violence?

    We are tremendously reliant on the computers. Is it alarming or a relaxing situation?

•    The rising tendency and potential dangers of taking up the home based jobs

•    The negative effects of using computer all day long on our societal relationships

•    Has the computer and technology made us their slaves?

•    The animal rights and their application in the scientific research and experiments

•    Smoking a plain cigarette will lead you to take marijuana; therefore smoking should be banned.  

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