There are numerous sorts of essays separated into several categories. Therefore, you can’t confine the kinds of essays in the numeric form easily, but the significant aspect to be noted is no matter how you categorize the types of essay, the basic structure remains the same.
Here is a small list of the prominent types of essays with which you generally have to deal.

1.    Narrative Essays

2.    Illustrative Essays

3.    Descriptive Essays

There is a brief outline of the above-mentioned types of essays in bullet points and the firs type in this process is narrative essays.

The Narrative Essay Writing

•    A narrative essay tells a story about a person, place, event, etc.

•    It could be fictional as well as real life story.

•    The reality factor is an impressive quality in narrative essays.

The Descriptive Essay Writing

•    A descriptive essay depicts the picture with vividly used expressions.

•    The language and words in a descriptive essay appeal to all the senses and let you experience the story by reading.

The Illustration Essay Writing

•    In an illustration essay paper, the writer presents many examples as supportive evidences and arguments related of the illustration essay topic.

•    The examples are supposed be very supportive to the readers for understanding the subject.