Essay title page is the first page or cover sheet of their assignment. It ought to be so much appealing that person who reads by reading the title decided to go from side to side the full project.

At the top of the page provide the title and sub-title of their essay project. It ought to be followed by volume number if more than one. The name of the student or author is required to be in the middle of the page. After author’s name comes father name. At the bottom center the students are required to mention the title of their degree program along with the name of their institute.

Separately from these there are few points to be noticed for presenting an elevated quality and attractive title page. It ought to be specific and reflect the main idea of their project. It ought to be clear cut and avoid vague terminologies. Nature of essay topic is required to b reflected in this page.

The students can get samples of essay assignment to structure this page according to their required style of organization. The best place to get this document is to contact with their seniors and ask them to present the students the exact models that are making use of by them to structure their own essay assignment papers. Also take some guidance from online essay writing services because they have submitted their papers and are familiar with all the in favor of and cons of essay writing.