According to Marx, the formation of the youth subcultures is a strategic attempt by the capitalists to exercise divide and rule concept, so that they can be able to dominate resources within a given area. The idea here is to encourage the formation of subcultures, and direct a lot of popularity on their side in a bid to induce a perception on the youth that being able to identify with a given subculture is the right thing or rather ‘cool’ thing to do. This leads to a constant increase in participants who are loyal to their groups beliefs and practices consequently sustaining the existence of the subcultures. The plan here is to use their loyalty and strong believe in their culture as the right one, to rise against another subculture. This consequently leads to wars between subcultures making the youth concentrate more on the discrepancies between rival subcultures rather than how the ruling class is misusing the resources.

With more attention shifted to the subcultures the ruling class continues to enrich them using public resources since there is lack of the very much need unity to prevent such selfish interests from being secured. The ruling class, who ensure that the cultures do not become distinct, thus funds the activities of the subcultures. As a result, these subcultures are passed from generation to generation, each day enticing the youth to becoming participants due to their unique mannerism of doing things.