The supporting details, facts, evidences are the central part the central part of your essay which his main body. Therefore, you need to find them with the best of your efforts and there are a lot of resources to find the evidences. You may use the following resources to gather the supporting evidences:

  • The supporting evidences can be found from the surrounding environment, especially if you are dealing with a sociology essay as it deals with the human behavior and activities.
  • The next thing you can utilize is the teacher’s notes, handouts or any other matter he or she provided you in the class.
  • You can also use the online resources which are actually the greatest resource for the students and they can find the piles of information on the websites to read and select the relevant supporting evidences out of them. The commonest online resources include the articles, journals, etc.
  • The class fellows and other peers also prove to be very helpful in this regard and you must go to them to share your ideas with them and take their opinion about your essay topics and the thesis statement as well if you have already developed it.