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1.    Can dieting be the cause of putting on weight?
2.    The war on terror has been a cause of rising ill-treatment of the human rights.
3.    The obligatory voting rule for the entire residents ought to be passed.
4.    Both the parents are supposed to go halves in taking up the responsibility of brining up the child.
5.    The manufacture and sale of cigarettes must be prohibited.
6.    Is the alteration in worldwide weather man-made?
7.    Is capita punishment justified?
8.    Is corporeal anguish tolerable?
9.    Is it right to declare the capital punishment for the rapist?
10.    What should be the limitation of censorship?
11.    Should the government assembly members walk out?
12.    How long should the holidays last?
13.    Are the holidays a waste of time?
14.    The CCTV cameras and the limitation of the privacy
15.    In the present times, we are useless without computers
16.    Cheating in exams and its penalty.

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