Topic selection is the first step for controversial essay writing and here are the perfect steps to choose the controversial essay topic and deal with writing process for you.


  1. Break up the controversial essay titles in the rational and meaningful sections.
  2. For writing controversial essays, begin with the introduction with introductory information about the essay topic.
  3. The introduction is supposed to point out the standpoint and thesis statement that you are will accommodate in supplementary details.
  4. In the introductory section, reveal that the problem has a worth to discuss and generate essay thesis statement that can drive the readers to the debate.
  5. After the introduction part, carry on to the body paragraphs which must have the pertinent information.
  6. Give good reasons for all the information about the essay topic with convincing and authentic references and thoughts and make use of the in-text citation, endnotes, footnotes, etc.
  7. There are international standards of citation such as MLA, APA, Oxford, and a lot of others that are supposed to be considered upon the required style by the academic institute.
  8. The success of an academic essay depends on the conclusion and you have to give the most convincing words and thoughts in the end to finish the controversial essay paper.